The Dashboard screen is where school owners will have a snapshot of the student activity within the Martial Arts school. Functional information available on this screen include information for absences, expiring/expired memberships, prospects, past due invoices, school vitals, and recent student activity. This is a student management tool that shows a snap shot of activity at a glance. Throughout Kicksite, Blue and Red text indicates an active link to view more information or perform an action such as exporting data or going to the student profile.



On the Dashboard, the absent students are listed first. Kicksite will allow for the user to change how many absent students are visible. This is shown in Figure 1 below. Each student name is a link that accesses the student information.

If at any time, the student data is needed for external use, it can be exported to a file by clicking on Export to Excel. The file can then be saved to the local computer. Each section, Name, Last Class, Days Absent, Last Comment, and Notifications (the email icon) can be alphabetically or numerically sorted by clicking on the menu item. 

Figure 1: Absent Students


Expired/Expiring Memberships

Each student that has a membership that will be expiring or is expired will be reflected on the Dashboard. This is a quick way to keep track of student Memberships. The student name, membership type, notifications, and days until expiration or days expired are shown. To find out more information specific to a student, click on the student name. 

Figure 2: Expiring School Memberships 


Figure 3: Expired School Memberships


The last section on the Dashboard reflects Past Due Invoices. The name of the student, invoice date, invoice ID, days past due, amount due, process payment option, and notifications are shown. The invoice ID is a link to view the invoice. From the invoice, the student’s payment can be processed, printed, emailed, edited, or deleted from the system. The Payment icons will allow you to pay the Invoice with the preferred payment on file or record a payment made. The functionality of the Dashboard is to make student management easy and time efficient.

Figure 4: Past Due Invoices


Dashboard Secondary

On Dashboard Secondary, there are additional tracking sections including Upcoming Birthdays and Frozen Students. Frozen Students will be covered in the Student section. All menu and sorting capability available in Dashboard is still available on the secondary screen. 

Figure 5: Dashboard Secondary


It is important to note that the Dashboard can be customized and reordered according to priority. To access this screen, click on Settings, Dashboard as shown below in Figure 6.

Figure 6: Customize Dashboard Items


School Vitals

The Vitals section of the Kicksite Dashboard shows a snapshot for the current month. As you can see in Figure 7, New, Active, and Lost student numbers are shown as well as the growth percentage for the month. Each section can be clicked on for more information as shown in Figure 8. To see more detailed reports, click on View details shown in blue text.

Figure 7: Vitals


Figure 8: Active Students shown by clicking on Active summary in Vitals


Below the Vitals snapshot is a list of recent activities as shown in Figure 9. The Recent Activity section reflects all activity within the martial arts studio. As the administrator in the Kicksite software, a manager or employee will be able to see if an Invoice has been processed, if a Student responds to an Event, Comments, Prospect activity, and Payments. The student name is a link to view more information about the activity.

Figure 9: Recent Activity on the Main Dashboard