To add a new student to your Kicksite system, start by hovering on 'Students' in the navigation bar. Then click on New Student.

An ID is automatically filled in, but can be changed to another number if desired. If the number that it is changed to is unavailable, the system will say so. A student must have a First Name and Birthday. All other fields are optional, but a good idea to include.

Notes can be added about the student, as well as medical notes. A Photo can be uploaded. To do this, the photo must be on the computer so a file can be chosen.

Text messages can sent (this will be discussed under General Announcements). In order for a student to have this option, the checkbox must be checked, a phone number included and the mobile carrier. If the mobile carrier is not an option please contact Kicksite Support and let them know.

Under Add Contact Information, when an email address is added, the type of communications sent that email can be modified.

To remove a student from receiving specific notifications, uncheck the box.