In Kicksite, Families can be created. The advantage of creating a family is they can share contact details (i.e address, SMS phone number). Families can also share memberships and payments, which will be discussed in the Advanced Families article.

To create a family, hover of students and click on New Family.

This takes you to a screen where you enter the family name. Then to add contact details, click on Add Contact Information.

The contact information is optional, but always a good idea to include if the information is available. Make sure to scroll to the bottom and click the Save Family button.

After the family has been created, it's time to add members to it. Click 'Add Member' on the right side of the screen.

From the drop down list select the student that you want to add to this family. You can then choose if you want to copy that student's emails, phones and address into the Family account. After those options have been selected make sure to click 'Add Member'. 

The first member of the family has now been added. Repeat these steps for any additional family members to be added. 

When an additional family member is added, you have the option to share contact info that was previously entered for that family or you can share contact info from a member of the family to this new family addition. 

If the checkbox is marked next to the copy options, then it will be copied over to the new family member's profile page. Any additional addresses will be added underneath the existing ones, along with the family contact info below.