Kicksite has a communications system designed to send messages to students for timely studio and program notifications. The Communications Dashboard can be found in the top left navigation bar.

Figure 1: Communications Menu


A list of all current and past General Announcements will be shown. See Figure 2. The list of announcements will include information of the announcement including the delivery status. Kicksite also offers the ability to save a message as a draft and the drafts will be listed as well.

Figure 2: General Announcements List


Create an Announcement 

The New Announcement link is found under the Messages menu item as shown in Figure 3

Figure 3: Message Menus

General Announcements can be sent to Students, Prospects, Groups, Programs, or Membership Programs. The ability to select the audience gives the opportunity to customize the message for a specific purpose. General Announcements can be sent as an email or as a text or both. 

When creating a General Announcement, be sure to include a Title and a Subject. If the Title is left empty, it will default to the show the text that is in the Subject field.

Figure 4: New General Announcement

All of the common formatting options are available when creating the body of the message. The editing menu is shown in Figure 5. There is also the option to schedule the announcement for delivery on another date, or save it as a draft to finish later. Messages can contain attachments as well.

Figure 5: Message Text Editor


Social Media

To post to Twitter, the Twitter account must be linked to Kicksite. That can be done on the Social Networks Accounts page that is accessible through the Settings menu in General Announcements. 

Figure 6: Navigating to Social Network Accounts


To link a Twitter or Facebook account, click on the appropriate button to the left. A screen will pop up to give instruction on how to link the account to Kicksite.

Figure 7: Link Social Network Account