Automated messages can be set up to run when specific things happen (i.e. students membership is expiring or a student’s birthday is approaching). They are like personal assistants. Please note that in order for these messages to be sent, the student MUST have an email set up in their profile.

To set up Automated Messaging hover over Settings in the top right menu and then click on Automated Messaging. 

This brings you to the Communications Dashboard. Listed below are the options for when Automated Messaging can be turned on. To turn an automation, click on the button next to the title.

An email box will appear. The first fillable box asks for when the notification should be sent (in days) after the event occurs. The second is asking for how often you want to send another email out to remind them.  Don’t forget to add a subject for the email and a customized body of the email.

You can also customize the body section of the email to your liking. Within the body text area, you will see text that has two parentheses surrounding it. These are "hooks" or snippets of text that will be converted when the email is sent. For example, ((student_name)) will be converted to "John Doe", or ((membership_program)) will be converted to "My Membership Program Name". If you would like to use a hook that is not there, please let us know and we will consider adding it in.

Available Hooks:








((event start))





When you are finished adding the automations that you wish to add, scroll down to the bottom and click the blue button that says ‘Update Automation Settings’. This will save your work.