Kicksite has a great feature for collecting prospect information called Lead Campaigns. To set up a Lead Campaign, hover over Settings and click on Lead Campaigns.

Figure 1: Lead Campaign Menu Item


Active Lead Campaigns

Lead Campaigns can be developed for an event such as a promotional event, birthday party, school outreach program, summer camps, or prospect collection according to martial arts interest. The Lead Campaigns menu item will navigate to the Active Lead Campaigns page. 

Figure 2: Active Lead Campaigns


Create a Lead Campaign

To create a lead campaign, scroll down to the bottom Active Lead Campaigns screen, enter a Name, and click Create Lead Campaign. Once the Create Lead Campaign button is clicked, the new lead campaign will be listed in the Active Lead Campaigns list. From this point, click on Edit next to the newly created lead campaign. 

Figure 3: Creating Lead Campaigns


Edit a Lead Campaign

Clicking Edit will bring up the page shown in Figure 4. The name can be edited in this screen as well as a description for the campaign. The campaign active and inactive status can also be set on this page. Email alerts can be sent when a new lead is collected from the campaign. This email will go to the reply email, which is usually the admin within Kicksite. When all edits are completed, click on Update Lead Campaign

Figure 4: Editing Lead Campaigns


Customize the Campaign

Now that the campaign is created and preferences set, it is time to customize what prospects will see with the collection form. An example of the customization screen can be seen in Figure 5. Form Setup is the first step. This allows the creator to set the form title. For example, a studio could have a Bring a Friend Day, and that could be the title of the Lead Campaign. The title is entered on the Form Setup tab. The settings for the fields collected on the form are also found on the Form Setup tab. These include name fields, email, phone, and comments. Please be sure to save any changes that are made by clicking on the Save button at the bottom of the Form Setup tab.

It is important to note that at any time, the administrator or employees can go to this screen to see how many leads have been collected for a campaign.

Figure 5: Form Setup and Collection Fields


Figure 6: Lead Confirmation


Lead Confirmation and Communication

When a prospect fills out a lead collection form, there are a couple of actions that can be taken depending on the preference of the martial arts studio management. The prospect can be sent to a specific web page on the studio website, or the prospect can receive an on-screen message acknowledging the submission of the form. This can be set on the Lead Confirmation tab as shown in Figure 6.

After a prospect submits his or her information, a welcome message can be sent automatically through Kicksite. This is optional and can be set on the Follow-up Email tab. The setup of this message is simply done by entering in an Email Subject and Body. Make sure click to Save Changes as seen in Figure 7.

Figure 7: Follow-up Email