Web Integration

There are three ways to integrate the Lead Campaigns into an existing website: Widget, HTML Form, and Third Party Integration. These are all available along with the required code or syntax necessary for seamless integration. Each tab contains the necessary components to copy and paste to the desired page on the existing studio website. If your studio has a website administrator, he or she will be able to update your site according to your needs. Check with the web admin to verify which of these three options to use. 

Example 1: Widget

 Example 2: HTML Form

Example 3: Third Party Integration 

It is important to note that multiple Lead Campaigns can be created to put on your website for different purposes. If your studio is collecting leads for each program (i.e. Tae Kwon Do or Hapkido), a different Lead Campaign can be made available for each. There are no limitations within Kicksite for the number of campaigns that can be created and used.