Adding a trial membership is easy with Kicksite. There are three different ways to create a trial membership for prospects:

  1. Active Prospects Page

The first way to add a trial membership is through the Active Prospect page. To reach this page, hover over the Prospects tab and click on Active Prospects.

Next, find the prospect to which you want to add the trial membership. Once you have found the prospect, click on the blue link that says Trial Membership.

This will pop up a calendar that will allow you to set the length of the trial period. Below the calendar, there is a drop down for you to set the number of attendances for this trial membership.

The attendance limit is optional, but if you use this feature then the membership will end when the trial period hits the end date OR the prospect attends the set number of attendances.

  1. Prospects Profile

The second way to add a trial membership to a prospect is through their user profile. You can reach the prospects profile through either the Active prospects page, or by using the student search bar in at the top right of your Kicksite. After you have found the prospect, click on their name to reach their user profile. On the top right of the profile there is a blue link for Trial Membership.

Clicking on this link will bring up the calendar mentioned in the section above. From here, you may follow the same steps to create a trial membership for the prospect.

  1. Profit Centers

Profit Centers offer the ability to create a landing page for new prospects to sign up for trial memberships and sign an online liability waiver online.

For more information on profit centers, click here.