Credit Card Transactions

Credit cards are used often for recurring billing and saved as a vault item. To find a list of credit card transactions, go to the Transactions menu and click on Credit Card Transactions. In this screen, a summary of payments will be listed along with any correlating details of the payment including a Reference number. This page will be helpful in processing refunds if necessary. 


 A credit card transaction can be stopped immediately by clicking Void that is on the right side of the screen. If Void is not an option, but Refund is, then the transaction is past the point of voiding the transaction. A voided transaction may still appear as pending for a customer until the next business day. In this situation, just verify that Kicksite shows the transaction as void and have the customer check with their bank or credit card company if it is not voided within 1 or 2 business days. A refund will be processed according the time requirements of the banking institution.


Check Transactions

Personal Banking or ACH transactions: An ACH transaction payment can be stopped the same day of the transaction. If an ACH transaction needs to be refunded, it cannot be done until the transaction has been completed. The time frame of transaction completion is dependent on the banking system and can take between 4-7 banking days. These can be found by going to the Transactions menu and clicking on Check Transactions


Refunding a Student

There are times that a studio owner may need to issue a refund to a student or family. Timing is everything when it comes to applying a refund or voiding a transaction. A void can be done the same day of the transaction and refunds are done after the system has batched out for the day. 

The first important piece of a void or refund is determining if the transaction is a Check Transactions (ACH) or a Credit Card Transaction. The full list of billing transactions can be found by going to the Transactions menu and clicking on the Transactions List. From there, the list of transactions and the status will be listed on the screen. On the right of the transaction, it shows if the transaction was approved, refunded, or voided. To the left is the option to Refund a transaction as shown in below. For student specific details, click on the student name.