Now that you are set up with a merchant account and it is activated within Kicksite, you are set to start accepting payments. If you are moving from a current billing provider to Solupay, you'll need to transition your recurring billings. This is so that you can ensure that all of your students who are being billed monthly will transition seamlessly from one billing provider to the next.


The steps to follow for this process are these:

  1. As soon as possible after the Kicksite team has activated Solupay within your account, you'll want to take a look at all of your students who have/had a recurring billing process that day
  2. Once you've taken an inventory of those billings, you'll want to stop them in your current billing provider and create new ones in the billing section of your Kicksite (How to create recurring billing can be found here). Keep an eye on the billings that are ending in your current system, you'll want to cancel them there and create them in Kicksite as soon as possible. 
  3. Once all of your billings have stopped in your current provider and started in Kicksite, you can feel free to contact your current billing provider and cancel your service with them.

Once this process has completed, you will be taking all payments within Kicksite including recurring billings. Please be advised that this process can take up to 3 months, just depending on how many recurring billings you may have.