Kicksite keeps the programs and memberships separated. Think of memberships as the time commitment or contract. To add memberships to Kicksite, click on Settings in the Top Right Menu and scroll down to Membership Programs. See Figure 1. Once on that page, scroll to the bottom, type the name of the membership in the empty text box, and click the Add Membership Program button.


Figure 1: Add Membership Program


Customize Memberships

Memberships can be moved on the page into whatever order is desired by clicking and dragging the membership to the desired location. The name of a Membership can be changed at any time by clicking on Rename. Changing the name of a Membership will be a global change; meaning that any instance of that membership in the system will be changed to the new name. The only exception is the Membership entry in Inventory. 


Add a Membership

To add a membership to a student, first click on the name of the active student. Within their profile page, click on the Memberships tab. Any current memberships this student has will be shown here. To add a membership to this student, click the Add School Membership link, shown in Figure 2


Figure 2: Add School Membership


Membership Expiration

Memberships can be created by Date or by Attendance. Figure 3 shows a Membership created with dates. Kicksite recommends that if there is a month to month option, that the end date be set to an expiring date far in the future. This keeps the user from having to update this each month and constantly seeing the same students in the Soon to Expire section on the Dashboard. 


Figure 3: School Membership by Date


Punch Card Memberships

A virtual Punch Card can be created by selecting to track by attendance. Kicksite keeps track of the number of attendances that correspond with this punch card. To set a punch card, select a specific program and how many attendances are allowed for that program. When finished, click the Add School Membership button. This Membership is now tracked by attendances, not dates. See Figure 4.


Figure 4: School Membership by Attendance 


Multiple Memberships

A student can have multiple memberships. These memberships can be assigned in the Student Profile as shown in Figure 4. There is no limitation on how many memberships can be assigned to a student. 


Expired Memberships

Students with past due memberships will show on the Dashboard in the Expired Memberships section and will appear throughout Kicksite highlighted in red as shown in Figure 5.


Figure 5: Expired Memberships

To find out more about the student’s memberships, click on the student name and the details will be available under the Memberships tab in his or her profile as shown in Figure 6.


Figure 6: Student Profile and Membership Information


Family Memberships

Family Memberships can be assigned to students. It is important to note that the highest-ranking family member should be attached to the Family Membership first. Once the Family Membership has been set, other members of the family can be added. Family Memberships can be found in the same Memberships tab in the student profile. If the student associated with the Family Membership is frozen or inactivated, the membership must be recreated under the next family member.


Figure 7: Student Profile and Family Membership Information


Association Memberships

Association Memberships can be assigned to students. If a studio is part of a martial arts association, Kicksite enables that studio to maintain and manage association memberships. These memberships can also be found in the Student Profile under the Memberships tab. 


Membership Reports

Membership Reports can be found on the Dashboard as well as from the main menu. See Figure 8. The Dashboard shows the memberships that are expiring as well as expired. Each section of the Dashboard can be exported to Excel for a more in-depth look at the students and their expiring memberships. 


Figure 8: Dashboard School Membership Reports


Figure 9: Dashboard School Membership Reports