Attendance Details allows you to set attendance controls for your programs. To reach the Attendance Details page, simply click on Attendance Details under the Attendance tab or in the Settings menu.


You can use this page to set the minimum number of classes a student must attend, either per week or per month, to avoid showing as absent on the Attendance Report. Plus you can also set the daily and weekly attendance limits. This can be individualized for each program you offer. As you can see, this section separates your programs with Attendance Minimums and Attendance Limits.


Attendance Minimums refers to the number of classes per week or per month a student needs to have checked their attendance for, so they are not considered absent. This is set up per program and can be on a weekly or monthly basis. Once a student is marked as absent, they will show on your dashboard in the Absent Students box. Also, if you have turned on the automated message for absent students (Click Here for instructions on setting up Automated Messaging), these students will begin receiving these automations. If you would like to exclude a program from the Attendance Report, simply set the Attendance Minimum to zero.

Attendance Limits refers to how many times per day and per week a student can log their attendance for each program. To allow for no limit on checking attendance for a program, enter zero in the field or leave the field blank.


In the example above, Students can only log in once per day for this individual program and can have a maximum number of 3 attendances for the program per week. If the student is in multiple programs, reaching an attendance limit in one program does not affect their ability to check attendance for their other programs. 

Once you have made all of the necessary changes to your attendance minimums and limits, scroll to the bottom of the page and click Save.