The Plan and Billing Information page allows you to adjust your Kicksite plan as well as see your Kicksite payment history and update your card on file. To access this page, hover over Settings and click on Plan and Billing Information at the bottom of the menu.

The first section of this page is where you can find your current Kicksite plan and adjust it as necessary. The Kicksite Plans are based off of the active students in your system and are as follows:

Starter Plan:       0-50 students                    $49/month

Plus Plan:            51-100 students                $99/month

Premium:            101+ students                   $149/month


If you upgrade or downgrade you'll be charged the new rate for your new plan starting on your next billing cycle. Once you have added enough students into Kicksite to reach the next level, the system will prompt you to upgrade your plan. 

The second section of this page is where you can view or update the card you have on file with Kicksite followed by your recent Kicksite payment history.