The School Info and Logo page is where you put in the information regarding your school (i.e. address, name, email). It's also the place where you put which type of currency you use and the time zone that you are in. 

To navigate to the School Info and Logo page, click on Settings in the top right menu and then click on the last option that says 'School Info and Logo'.


To include your logo (which is shown on the student check in screen as well as emails that are sent out), click the Choose File button, select your image, then click the Change Logo button. 


You will notice in the School Information section the first item says the number of your school. When calling Kicksite Support, it is much easier for our technicians to be able to assist you if you give them this number. A lot of schools have the same name, and this number is a sure way that we are able to find your school quickly and efficiently.


After any updates are made to the School Information section, make sure to click the Save Updates button at the bottom.