The Library is a place to store Videos and Documents for Student Curriculum use. Content can be uploaded with restrictions based on programs or belt rank or available to Everyone. Students may access the Library by logging into his or her student account. The Library is structured so that students only see what is available to them according to programs or belt rank.

To upload a video, it must be a file on the computer; not from the internet. No external internet video account is needed. Kicksite has a private Vimeo account that the videos are stored on. See Figure 1 for the Video homepage. This shows all the previous videos uploaded as well as who can view those videos, when they were last viewed, and the total number of views. If a video is no longer wanted or needed, click Delete.

To upload a new video, click the Video link from the Library menu item and then type in the title of the page the video will be stored on. This title will show above the video when it’s completed. Next, select if this video is for all students or if only certain Programs and Ranks can see it and then select which Programs and Ranks apply. It is important to note that if the content is attached to a certain belt rank, only that belt rank and higher can access the content. When a student is promoted, he or she will automatically be able to see the next level of media content.

Next, click the Create Media Page button.


Figure 1: Video Homepage


Text, Images, and Videos can be added to the page shown in Figure 2. More than one video can be added to a page. To add the video, click Video then choose the file from your computer to add. It will take a minute to load. Do not leave the page until it has finished loading and says it is safe to do so. Otherwise, the video will not be uploaded.


Figure 2: Upload Video to the Library 


Documents are uploaded and handled the same way as videos. The Document dashboard is shown below in Figure 3.


Figure 3: Upload Document to the Library