Managing your invoices can be extremely difficult if you do not have a good system in place. The Invoice Dashboard keeps you up to date and in control of all of the invoices that you and your staff have created within Kicksite. To reach the Invoice Dashboard, hover over the Finance tab and click on Invoices.

At the top right of the page, you have the options to go to the list of all of your Recurring Invoices, go directly to the New Invoice page, or Filter Invoices to help you search for specific invoices. You also have the ability to export all of the items on the dashboard to a spreadsheet.

The Invoice Dashboard has four different sections to help you manage your finances.

  • Undelivered Invoices: When creating an invoice, if you are adding any physical items (such as t-shirts, uniforms, sparring equipment, etc.), you will have the ability to mark the items as delivered once the student has received the item. If you have added a physical item in the Inventory List with a quantity amount, marking the invoice as delivered will remove the quantity amount of that item(s) by quantity value in the invoice. If you have marked an invoice as having physical items, it will be reflected in the Undelivered Invoices section.The section will display the invoice date, the invoice ID which can be clicked to bring you into the invoice, the count (if this is a recurring invoice), the person name, a list of your line items with quantities of each. After the physical items have been received, you can quickly and easily mark this invoice as delivered on the dashboard by clicking Mark Delivered.
  • Past Due Invoices: As soon as an open invoice goes beyond its due date, it will be displayed in the Past Due Invoices section. From here, you will be able to see the invoice date, the invoice ID which can be clicked to bring you into the invoice, the count and if this is a recurring invoice, the number of days past due, the person name, the amount due, and a list of actions you can take on this invoice. If needed, you may also delete a past due invoice from this section.
  • Open Invoices: A list of all of your open invoices will be displayed in the Open Invoice section of the dashboard. This section will allow you to see which student has an active invoice, the amount that they owe, and how many days payment is due, along with a list of actions you can take on the invoice.
  • Closed Invoices: A list of all of your closed/completed invoices will appear in the last section on the dashboard.

Each section shows you the last 10 invoices that are in the section. To see the entire section list, click the "Show more.." link at the bottom right of the section to expand the list.


Action Icons

In the Past Due Invoices and Open Invoices sections, there are action icons to assist you in managing an Invoice. There are 4 different icons available on this page:

Process a Transaction – Run an immediate transaction by entering or swiping a credit card or by using a vault item. (Only available to Solupay clients).

Record a Payment – Mark a payment in to system that was processed outside of the system (ie. Cash or Check).

Email Invoice – Send an emailed copy of the invoice to the student.

Invoice is Emailed – A copy of the invoice has already been emailed to the student.