Kicksite will keep track of how much inventory you have for your physical items. In order to set this up click on Inventory in the top right menu.

This will lead you to your inventory page. From here you can create categories. This helps you organize your inventory. Examples of Categories are: Membership Fees, Gear, Testing Fees, Uniforms. To create a Category click on the New Category blue link. Type in your new category name and then click the Create Category button to save.

Inside each category you have Items. To add an item click on the 'Add Item' button. Then enter the name of your item, the quantity(number you have in stock, if none, leave it blank), and the price of the item. Make sure to click 'Add Item' to save your new item.

Kicksite can help you track your inventory by putting in the quantity of the items you have. For example, under the category 'Gear' we have 'Mouth Guard'. The Mouth Guard is the name, we have 15 of these items in the studio, and the price is $5 each. Now, next time you put 'Mouth Guard' on an invoice and mark that it's a physical item, it will subtract from your inventory leaving you with 14 now in your studio. 

You can also rename and delete categories by clicking on the Rename or Delete button on the same line as the category. The Move button lets you change the order of the categories. To do this, click the Move button and drag the category to the place you want it.