Recurring Invoices shows the dashboard of all the Recurring Invoices, both open and closed. To get to the Recurring Invoices Dashboard, hover over the Finance tab and then click on "Recurring Invoices".

When an invoice has been closed, or completed, the row will be highlighted in red. The status will also change to say Closed and the amount due will be $0. 

When it is the final invoice that is due, the row will be highlighted in yellow. 

When the payment is Past Due, it will say so in the status column.  It will also show in red the number of days the payment is late as well as the amount due.

To view the invoice, click on the invoice ID number (the second column) and to view the student profile, click on their name. 

There are 4 different icons available on this page:

Process a Transaction – Run an immediate transaction by entering or swiping a credit card or by using a vault item. (Only available to Solupay clients).

Record a Payment – Mark a payment in to system that was processed outside of the system (ie. Cash or Check).

Email Invoice – Send an emailed copy of the invoice to the student.

Invoice is Emailed – A copy of the invoice has already been emailed to the student.

This data can also be exported to Microsoft Excel by clicking the Export button in the top right.