Using our Profit Centers, you have the ability to have prospects sign up for trial memberships and sign liability waivers online, via your website, social media pages, email, etc., all from a landing page that you create through the system. Profit Centers are a great way to earn revenue even before a prospect has walked into your studio. For more information on creating a Profit Center, follow this helpful link: Beginner's Guide to Profit Centers

While these Profit Centers allow you to utilize Liability Waivers, Kicksite does not have a liability waiver template for you to use. This is because waivers can vary so much from state to state so there is not a way to create a one-size-fits-all liability waiver to fit each individual studio’s needs.

Inside the Profit Centers you can create and save your own liability waiver templates which allows you to use the same waiver over different profit plans. You can either draft one yourself or, if you have a waiver saved as a digital copy, you can copy and paste the legal wording into the template directly.